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ICYMI: The Best of This Week #4


Week: 24 Feb - 1 Mar 2020


Adorable Junior Pokemon Champion captures hearts worldwide

Hailing from sunny Singapore, 7-year-old Simone Lim won the 2020 Pokemon Oceania International Junior Championship in style after effortlessly reading her opponent's moves and knocking him out in a 1v2 situation. Her sheepish grin after winning the tournament was widely shared on social media, and her post-victory interview proved she certainly knew what she was doing - no luck involved here!

Full story here.


JJ Lin's Team SMG acquires Malaysian MLBB squad 'Makan Cendol'

Ah, admittedly not our best pun but we couldn't resist. Famed Singaporean Mandopop star JJ Lin founded Team SMG in 2017 with a Taiwan-based Arena of Valor team. They picked up a PUBG team the following year; this new acquisition will be his first venture into MLBB.

Full story here.


Xiaomi hands out free 20,000mAh power banks to journalists

Following our YDP Agong's kind gesture of distributing fast food to journalists stationed outside Istana Negara, Xiaomi quickly hopped onto the bandwagon with the stunning PR move. This act opened the floodgates to countless other businesses taking advantage of our country's political turmoil to market their products and services - be it food, beverages or even clothes. Ah, don't we love Malaysians' ingenuity?

Full story here.


China reveals their latest biological weapons for the upcoming war

Read: China prepares biological weapons - 100,000 ducks - to wage a cross-border war...against locusts. (Don't mind me, I'm just honing my clickbait abilities). Anyway, you read that right - a huge swarm of locusts has been plaguing countries and devouring their food supplies. Ducks are a natural predator of the locusts, explaining why China is prepared to deploy an entire army of our feathered friends to their Pakistan border.

Full story here.


The Governments is handing out RM100 travel vouchers

With Coronavirus showing no signs of slowing down any time soon, it should come as no surprise that the tourism industry has taken a big hit. Our ex-interim (dang, that was fast) PM YAB Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has announced an Economic Stimulus Package in response - the perks of which include the aforementioned RM100 digital voucher, as well as up to RM1,000 tax relief and a reduced EPF contribute rate.

Full story here.


Feature of the week: Ai Gaming on parenting as a full-time streamer

This week, we had the pleasure of interviewing Vivy Majengen, also known as 'Ai Gaming', on how she juggles between being a new parent and her full-time job as a video game streamer.

Check it out here.


ICYMI (in case you missed it) is a round-up of our hottest news picks of the week. Perfect for those lazy blokes who enjoy skimming headlines without actually clicking in to read the contents.

You're welcome!


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