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It's Time for a Local Holiday - The Government is Handing Out RM100 Vouchers for Travel

2020 is the year of Coronavirus, with the highly infectious outbreak leaving a huge trail of victims in its wake - including our economy.

It's probably no surprise that tourism has been heavily impacted, with people opting to postpone their trips and stay at home to void further transmission of the disease.

Due to that, interim Prime Minister YAB Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has announced the 2020 Economic Stimulus Package to help perk up the economy. The full package includes all sorts of incentives, but we're only going to talk about the ones that all of us can enjoy:

  • The government will be handing out RM100 digital vouchers that can be used to cover expenses from domestic flights, trains, and accommodation at licensed hotels (does this mean AirBnB cannot? T_T)

  • Individuals will be able to claim up to RM1,000 tax relief from domestic travel expenses

  • Hotels will be exempted from 6% service tax from March until August 2020

  • EPF contribution rate will be reduced from 11% to 7% from April to the end of the year

The first 3 work in tandem to encourage citizens to travel and support local tourism, while the latter is expected to free up some financial resources for citizens to pump back into the economy.

This is the perfect time to arrange a getaway with friends and explore some of the great food and sights that our beautiful country has to offer. Personally, I'm craving for some Kolo Mee, so Kuching is looking especially tempting right now. Where are y'all headed?


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