So who on earth are we?

Tired of content that's drier than a 40-year-old virgin? Then you've come to the right place!

Salty News Network is the lovechild of angry internet BFFs who share a passion for quality entertainment that transcends the PG13 barrier.

We're dedicated to delivering gaming, tech and lifestyle content with more sass than class, and we strive to be at least more reliable than your local makcik bawang.

Apart from writing long-ass articles and creating mildly cringey videos, we also manage a range of talents and influencers that you can (and should) hire for your next marketing campaign.


Reach out to us at info@saltymedia.biz!




Executive Director / Salt Queen

Don't let her looks deceive you. Behind that charming exterior lies an ambitious taskmaster who loves nothing more than cracking her whip while sipping from a cup of scalding hot coffee.

She is the captain of the ship and navigates us through the salty waters and rocky cliffs. Without her we'd be lying in a pool of our own salt instead of building an empire upon it. Thanks Cap!



Creative Director / Keyboard Warrior

Mediocre Dota player but exceptionally skillful flamer. Only became a copywriter because mom told her so. Hones her speed typing skills on unsuspecting noobs online.

Fearsome multitasker who's in charge of all things creative...including learning how to use Wix just to get this site up and running cause we're too kiamsiap to hire a professional web designer.



Marketing Manager / Mama-san

Like her name, Summerr is a glorious ray of sunshine that tames even the most ferocious beasts (we may or may not be referring to people we work with) and is an exceptional talent wrangler.

She also has a knack for making you feel loved - if you've received a hamper from us during the festive season, Summerr was the one who had it delivered.


Melvyn "STARfisher"

Content Writer / Hired Wordsmith

Years ago, the Dreamworks logo randomly popped up in Melvyn's head as he was trying to think of an in-game name. Thus, the name "STARfisher" was created. 


Aside from gaming and watching anime, Melvyn spends his free time self-studying Japanese out of his love for the language, and because English-translated manga and light novels are expensive.

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