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China Reported to Have Prepared Biological Weapons - 100,000 Chinese Ducks

Yes, you heard that right. China has prepared an army of no less than 100,000 ducks to be deployed to neighbouring Pakistan to combat the locust plague.

Who will win? Hungry locusts or hungry ducks? | Image sources: The Atlantic, BBC

In case you are not aware, swarms of desert locusts have been devouring crops and depleting food supplies from eastern Africa to South Asia. Recently, the swarm has migrated to India and Pakistan, where it will threaten its already fragile economy and scarce food supplies.

The ducks are "biological weapons" and can be more effective than pesticide. One duck is able to eat more than 200 locusts a day.

- Mr. Lu Lizhi, senior researcher from the Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences

China is ready to deploy the duck army as early as the second half of the year to Pakistan, where they will serve as a line of defense to prevent the locust swarm from entering China, which shares a border with India and Pakistan.

So, who do you think will win? The locust swarm or China's hungry duck army?


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