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Xiaomi Covers Journalists Covering the News, Hands Out Free 20,000mAh Power Banks at Istana Negara

In a brilliant PR move, Xiaomi has jumped onto the news of our YDP Agong handing out fast food to journalists and offered their own contribution - Xiaomi 20,000mAh power banks.

Not only was the move on-brand for Xiaomi, it was also an especially relevant choice of product for the recipients, who have been tirelessly camping outside Istana Negara to cover our country's political turmoil over the past few days - undoubtedly with a horde of electronics that need to stay charged, such as laptops, cameras, smartphones, and more.

Xiaomi Malaysia staff descended upon the journalists, clad in their signature orange attire, and passed around 20,000mAh power banks with sweet handwritten notes tacked on:

You cover the news, we got you covered! From Xiaomi Malaysia

Their Facebook appreciation post also came with cute hashtags such as #NoMiWithoutYou and #ForTheUnsungHero.

Xiaomi has also casually hinted that they will be treating the journalists stationed at Putrajaya with these digital juice boxes as well.

However, please don't be a cheapo and take this as a sign to travel down to Putrajaya to snag freebies hor. *side eye*

Journalism is a hard and often thankless job - so let's appreciate our unsung heroes who work day and night to deliver the truth to us bystanders, as well as our YDP Agong and Xiaomi Malaysia who are keeping them (and their devices) powered up!


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