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JJ Lin Suka Makan Cendol? Singaporean Mandopop Star Acquires Malaysian Mobile Legends Team

Singaporean Mandopop star and MOBA addict JJ Lin has teamed up with Kenchi Yap -former coach of Fnatic Dota 2 and previous owner of Mineski Dota 2 - to acquire Malaysian Mobile Legends: Bang Bang team 'Makan Cendol' under the Team SMG brand.

Team SMG (Still Moving Under Gunfire - I still think they missed the opportunity to name themselves 'SMUG') was founded in 2017, and started out as a Taiwan-based Arena of Valor (AoV) team. They found instant success by winning the AoV World Championship in the same year.

In the following year, Team SMG partnered with a Shanghai-based team for their first foray into the PUBG scene. This year's acquisition of Makan Cendol marks their first move into the Mobile Legends scene.

Team Makan Cendol is comprised of:

  • Mohammad “Ax” Aiqal Bin Amran

  • Mohammad “Artha” Al Hatta

  • Mohammad “Raisyaa” Zaim Bin Amir Izat

  • Aeliff “Smooth” Adam

  • Muhammad “Tacuz” Fairuz Bin Mohamad

  • Muhammad “Kuku” Siddiq Fadhil Bin Mohd Noor (Sub)

  • Ahmad “Bonezzyy” Syazwan Bin Anuar (Coach)

  • Muhamd “Padel” Fadil Bin Hishamuddin (Manager)

The team will be competing in the 5th season of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) for a chance of snagging a chunk of the US$100,000 (~RM410,000) prize pool.

Fun fact: JJ Lin is a huge fan of Dota 2, and has contributed his very own music pack to the game. You can check it out here:


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