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Save up to 75% on Alcatroz, Armaggeddon, and SonicGear Products Now

Looking for new gaming gear and tech accessories to tough out the restricted movement period? Now is the best time to pick up some affordable deals on Alcatroz, Armaggeddon and SonicGear products!

In conjunction with the 4.4 Shopee sale, you'll be able to secure discounts, vouchers, and even free gifts on selected items.

For gaming products, you can take a look at Armaggeddon's peripherals on offer. From casings to the popular GravaStar wireless bluetooth speaker, there's something for everyone.

Alcatroz offers a decent selection of home and office accessories, so if you're looking for something less flashy to sit on your office desk or use with your home setup, check 'em out here.

If you're looking for audio devices - be it tiny portable speakers or full-on sound bars - you can check out SonicGear's offerings here, most of which are priced under RM99!

There are also storewide vouchers that can be used to take a further RM5 - RM10 off your purchase. For a comprehensive list of products on offer, check out the main landing page here. The promo lasts from 20 March to 4 April.

You can also check out our reviews on Armaggeddon and SonicGear products here:


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