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Can't Get Enough RGB? The Armageddon MKA17 Avenger Features NINETEEN RGB Lighting Modes

Looking to add more colour into your life? If so, the Armageddon MKA17 Avenger wireless tenkeyless mechanical gaming keyboard (phew, what a mouthful) is here to fulfill your rainbow unicorn fantasies with a whopping NINETEEN preset RGB effects.

But is RGB all this keyboard offers? Far from it - let's take a closer look.

Like seriously, its on the box

Multiple Lighting Zones

Apart from the keys, the MKA17 also features lighting strips on the front edges, the back, as well as the logo strip on the right side of the keyboard.

These extra RGB zones work well to complement the vast array of lighting effects that come built into the keyboard, and can be controlled independently from the main lighting zone (the keys).

The main lighting zone is controlled by a handy dial on the top left of the keyboard, which sounds like a convenient idea, but unfortunately the dial is rather loose and lacks good solid notches to help you switch lighting modes precisely. But eh, it does the job.

The lighting symbols are pretty misleading though - initially I thought it was for adjusting brightness :/

Work at Home or On the Go

Luckily, the other 2 switches situated to the right of the RGB dial are much better implemented.

The first switches allows you to swap between Windows and Android, or Mac and iOS. Yeap, that means you can pair your phone or tablet to this keyboard via Bluetooth! Its tenkeyless build makes it surprisingly portable to work on the go, so its compatibility with mobile devices is greatly appreciated.

Smol and light - only 730g

Another thing to note is that it can pair with up to 3 different devices, which is another huge plus when it comes to convenience.

The second switch is pretty self-explanatory - it allows you to swap between wired and Bluetooth mode, or simply turn it off.

Freedom to Move

Apart from lessening the clutter on your desk, going wireless also means that there's no hassle setting up a mobile work station when you're out of the office / home. Just flick on the switch and you're ready to get to work.

Little feetsies help you elevate the keyboard to a more ergonomic angle

This idea is supported by a decently-sized 2,000 mAh capacity battery which allows you to work wire-free for a decent amount of time. Charging is done via the 1.6-metre-long rubber USB-C cable provided.

Battery indicator is green when fully charged, and red when charging

A set of indicators situated to the left of the arrow keys allow you to check the status of your bluetooth connectivity as well as your battery charge at a glance.

All in all, the MKA17 is a neat little package that's both portable and versatile, easily fitting right in with most gaming setups or portable workstations.


You can get the Armageddon MKA17 wireless mechanical gaming keyboard from their official Shopee store in both the tactile blue or linear black switch variants.

Clickity-clack or discreet and black?

12.12 promos are still on, so get going!


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