Looking for 165Hz Gaming Monitors on a Budget? Armaggeddon's Gotchu with the Pixxel+ XTREME Series

In the market for a new monitor? One of these babies from Armaggeddon might just be your thing.

Simple and clean box design

Armaggeddon has kindly sent us 2 Pixxel+ Xtreme series curved gaming monitors for us to review; the first is the XC27HD, and the second is the XC32HD - basically the 27" and 32" variants from the same series.

Following their trend of offering affordably priced peripherals, these two 165Hz babies are no exception, priced at RM839 and RM999 respectively.

Since they are quite similar with only minor differences, I'll be reviewing them together. With that said, let's get to it!

Aesthetics and First Impressions

Unboxing was a relatively simple affair - in the box you will get the power cable, a HDMI cable, a DisplayPort cable, a pack of screws and the user manual. Naturally, the screen and stand come in separate pieces - but do note that the stand for the 32" model comes in a separate box altogether as it's pretty bulky.

Sorry ah, the screws already attached to the monitor

For the XC27HD, setting up was extremely straightforward - 1 screw attaches the stand to the base, and another 4 screws attach the stand to the monitor.

Design-wise, it is simple and elegant, with a matte screen and a solid steel stand that complemented the bezel-less infinity frame that both models sport.

Do note that there is still a black border despite the bezel-less design

However, one thing that was no bueno to me was the quality of the plastic, which looked and felt quite cheaply made - but at this price point, I really can't complain.

As the XC32HD was significantly heavier, it had more screws to ensure sturdiness. There were 8 in total - 4 attaching the stand to the base, and 4 for the stand to the monitor.

The hefty base and stand double as pretty solid murder weapons

Unlike its smaller counterpart, the XC32HD has a glossy screen and clunkier stand, which felt rather flimsy and was less aesthetically pleasing. However, it surpasses the XC27HD in terms of functionality, as it allows you to adjust the height, swivel the screen side to side, as well as flip it 90 degrees to a vertical orientation - more on this later.

Still V-shaped but chonkier

Similar to the XC27HD. build quality wasn't exactly the best - the rubber seal between the bezel and the screen strangely only ran along the top bezel, and was absent on the sides altogether. I'm unsure if this was an intentional design choice, or simply a defect.

I swear it's just stuff

One thing I liked though, was that each monitor came with a diverse array of ports which will please everyone except VGA users - and if you're still stuck in the VGA era, perhaps upgrading your monitor shouldn't be your first priority.

Clearly labeled so even tech virgins can find the right hole

Specs and Performance

On paper, both models come with a pretty decent pedigree - full HD 165Hz AHVA panels with a comfy R1800 screen curvature, and they support both AMD Free Sync and NVIDIA G-Sync (no racist here ok). The XC27HD boasts 2ms response time, while the XC32HD one-ups it with a 1ms response time.

The snazzy logo seen on the box is reflected on the back of the monitors

As expected from a gaming brand, these monitors run buttery smooth while gaming, and is especially noticeable while playing FPS games. Do note however, that they can only churn out that sweet, sweet 165Hz refresh rate while hooked up via DisplayPort.

Display-wise, the visuals are very vibrant and pleasing to the eye. If you're picky about crisp visuals, the full HD resolution still looks great on the XC27HD, but felt slightly lacking on the XC32HD, where the significantly larger screen size made the pixels look painstakingly obvious. That said, if you're just a gamer looking for excellent performance and decent visuals, both models will suit you well in that department. as they are wonderfully smooth and responsive.

However, if you're in the creative profession and are looking for superior colour a