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This Speaker Looks like the Death Star with Legs - and is Probably Just as Powerful

Are you tired of boring square speakers that look like they came bundled with your Dell AIO desktop computer? Do you want something a little more cool and novel that still packs a punch?

Well then I've got good news for you, cause the GravaStar by Armaggeddon looks like it crawled out of a sci-fi movie and has enough power to knock the plaster off your ceiling (if you have a really flimsy ceiling, that is.)

Hewwo there, I'm GwavaStar-chan

To be frank, when we saw other people talking about the GravaStar, we were extremely skeptical as gimmicky-looking devices are often just that - an eye-catching gimmick and nothing more. So imagine how we felt when we realised that this little ball of metal was the indeed the real deal.

It has a built-in woofer

I mean, forget all the tinny-sounding bluetooth speakers you've accumulated and thrown away over the years. This thing has all the highs, lows, and mids you want - and with 20W of power, it is LOUD. Blasting Illenium even at half the maximum volume was enough to fill my entire room - and my neighbour's too.

Small but strong

The woofer is seriously impressive for its size and you can literally see it pounding away, hard at work pumping out your emo-hipster EDM tunes.


Setting this baby up is easier than stomping heralds in Dota. Simply press the bluetooth button once to activate pairing with your phone, or press and hold to pair with a second GravaStar - yes, it supports a stereo setup too! The GravaStar will automatically connect to your phone the next time you turn it on, so you'll only have to do it once.

You can also plug it into your other devices like your PC or Switch via the 3.5mm jack. An AUX cable is provided, along with a USB-C to USB-A cable for fast charging.

Plugging in via the bottom is a bit leceh, but looks much better overall

Speaking of charging, the charging time for this beauty is 4 hours, thanks to its massive 10,400mAh battery capacity, which boasts 30 hours playing time at 65% power.

Take it bowling

Just kidding. But seriously, this thing isn't some cheap plasticky thing you'd find on Taobao. It's made of a solid metal alloy material and weighs a hefty 1.6kg, which is heavy enough to stop it vibrating itself off the table while blasting music, but still light enough to bring around to parties, beaches, or wherever you weirdos like to casually carry speakers around to.

GwavaStar-chan knows how to sit uwu

If you put it on your nightstand, it'd also serve as a good weapon against intruders - if blunt force trauma is your MO.

Caress me baby

Think buttons are boring and dials are dull? Well, this sonic ball of joy has a freakin' TOUCH PAD volume slider. How's that for fancy?

Mmm just slide your fingers over me

I usually expect touch controls to be finicky to some degree, but it was surprisingly reliable.

There are 3 other regular buttons that control power, bluetooth pairing and the LED lights respectively. Sadly, the GravaStar isn't an RGBae, but it does have a nice mellow green glow that would go great with all-green Razer fanboi setups.

Butang ina mo

This alien speaks

Yeah. Literally.

Other vanilla speakers turn on and off silently and perhaps beep feebly when it's running out of power.

Not the GravaStar. This baby powers on like a Transformer with its admittedly cheesy yet charming mechanical sound effects; and when it's running low on juice it belts out 'NOT ENOUGH ENERGY' in a comically stern voice.


Like, it's so hilariously endearing that I can't even get mad at it even after it repeats itself for the 10th time cause my lazy ass can't be bothered to find the charging cable til it's completely dead.

The verdict?

At its price point, you'd probably be able to find better quality speakers elsewhere - but would it look as cool as this? Probably not.

If you're looking for something special that does its job remarkably well, the GravaStar is a must-buy. I mean, nothing else ever gonna look as cool on your desk while pumping out heavy beats, amirite?

You can pick up the GravaStar by Armaggeddon on their official Shopee store for RM899. You'll also get a bunch of special freebies in conjunction with their 9th birthday celebration, so hop on it now!


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