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ICYMI: The Best of This Week #3


Week: 17 Feb - 23 Feb 2020


Nintendo launches 'Coral' Switch Lite

Every Nintendo generation has a pink member of the family, and the current generation's pink has finally arrived in the from of Pantone's colour of the year - coral. Between this and the new Animal Crossing-themed OG Switch, Nintendo is certainly looking to clean out our bank accounts this year.

Full story here.


TARUC hints at plans for esports arena

Gaming and studies may soon collide with TARUC's call for operators for its new esports arena. We're looking at 1,686 feet of solid esports facilities on its KL campus - hourly charges apply, of course.

Full story here.


NVIDIA and CD Projekt Red release Cyberpunk 2077-themed 2080Ti

Sorry guys, but this one can't be bought. Currently, the only way to get one is to win it through their giveaways and auctions - and sadly these don't appear to be available in Malaysia for the time being. They have hinted at future raffles though, so let's cross our fingers and pray for it to come to our shores.

Full story here.


Diablo anime and Overwatch cartoon rumours resurface

Fans have always clamoured for Blizzard to make more big-screen adaptations of their IPs, and this may become a reality sooner than we think. The aforementioned series have been listed on the LinkedIn profile of Activision-Blizzard's president of the film and TV division, sparking rumours that we may see our favourite game franchises on Netflix soon.

Full story here.


HTC reveals 3 new Vive Cosmos variants

Those who have been looking to jump into VR can rejoice, as HTC has launched a new series of Vive VR headsets which boast a modular design with swappable faceplates. There are a total of 3 new designs, along with a refreshed version of the flagship model.

Full story here.


Review of the week: Armaggeddon Nuke series headsets

If you're looking for a decent headset that fits within a tight budget, look no further - we've just reviewed Armaggeddon's Nuke series of gaming headsets and picked our best recommendations to fit your needs.

Check it out here.


ICYMI (in case you missed it) is a round-up of our hottest news picks of the week. Perfect for those lazy blokes who enjoy skimming headlines without actually clicking in to read the contents.

You're welcome!


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