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An Overwatch Cartoon? Diablo as an Anime? Both of These Could Be in the Works

So, these are somewhat confirmed, unless Nick van Dyk, the Co-President of Activision Blizzard Studios is fooling around on his LinkedIn.

For the uninitiated, LinkedIn is a basically social media for working adults - like a Tinder profile but instead of corny pick-up lines and 'vital stats', you'll find their proudest working achievements instead.

Some eagle-eyed individuals have spotted the following on Nick's LinkedIn profile:

So, Nick here, who is the President of the film and television division of Activision-Blizzard and in charge of adapting the company's IP to film and TV, has stated that:

  • He has worked on an anime-style Diablo, which is in pre-production under Netflix

  • He has also 'developed and sold' an animated series based on Overwatch

If either of these claims are true, then we can look forward to enjoying a long-awaited series from these 2 popular game franchises soon.

Overwatch is already known for their high-quality animated shorts, which are often touching and show a sliver of each character's backstory. You can watch them here.


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