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Can't Afford the New Animal Crossing Edition Nintendo Switch? Now You Can Buy Just the Box

This (and only this) could be yours

Good news for all the broke blokes and destitute damsels out there: Nintendo Japan is offering you another way to enjoy the upcoming Animal Crossing-themed Switch console without bleeding your wallet dry - just pay 550 yen (~RM21) and you can own a special edition Animal Crossing-themed Switch box.

Yeah, we're really not kidding - you can take a look here.

Of course, it makes no sense to ship an empty box in another empty box, so your special edition box will come flat-packed and you'll have to assemble it yourself.

Nintendo has even prepared a special instructions manual that's so clearly illustrated, even the most origami-impaired buffoon will be able to DIY it, IKEA style.

And if you ruin it anyway? Well, it only costs 550 yen to order another.

If you're feeling slightly richer, you can also purchase the Animal Crossing edition Joy-Cons and Dock separately without having to purchase a whole new console. You'll miss out on the snazzy back casing art, but you'll have pretty much everything else. Well, as they say: beggars can't be choosers.

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