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AMD Announced New Radeon PRO W6000 Series GPUs for Workstation Users

AMD has announced new additions to its Radeon PRO W6000 series desktop and mobile workstation GPU lineup: Radeon PRO W6400, Radeon PRO W6500M, and Radeon PRO W6300M.

Built on the AMD RDNA 2 graphics architecture with advanced 6nm process technology, the Radeon PRO W6400 graphics card has 16MB of high bandwidth and low-latency AMD Infinity Cache memory. It is able to deliver up to 3x higher performance in Autodesk AutoCAD 2022 during 3D orbit rotational tests in shaded modes and up to 87% higher performance in McNeel Rhino using the Holomark 2 benchmark with mesh, object, and model data stress tests, in comparison with the previous generation.

The new Radeon PRO W6500M and Radeon PRO W6300M graphics cards are also built on the AMD RDNA 2 graphics architecture with 6nm process technology. The GPUs are equipped with up to 8MB of AMD Infinity Cache memory to deliver ultra-high viewport frame rates.

The Radeon PRO W6000 series graphics cards feature hardware-accelerated raytracing, remote working capabilities, 8K display support, PCIe 3.0 and 4.0 high-speed data transfer, VR creator support, HDR Ready support, and Quad-buffer stereo.

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