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Xiaomi’s Rumoured Rollable Device - The So-Called Mi Mix Roll

After Xiaomi released the Mi Mix Fold (its first device with a foldable display) back in March, the company is rumored to be working on a rollable display next.

While Xiaomi could be working on a similar concept to the OPPO X 2021, the manufacturer has taken a slightly different approach with the device being able to extend from both edges instead of rolling out in one direction. The excess of the display is wrapped around the back of the device when it is not extended.

The new patent also features a triple-camera setup at the back, right in the middle of the device, two speakers, a USB-C connector at the bottom, as well as a SIM tray on the top.

Bear in mind that no official news has been released yet. The patent is just a concept, so it’s possible that we will see the device roll out with different design and features.

If you’re interested in a similar concept, check out Samsung’s extendable displays here.


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