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Samsung Display Shows Off Foldable and Slidable Concepts

Samsung Display has showed off several foldable device concepts as part of the Display Week 2021 exhibition, including a multi-foldable device and a tablet that can be unfolded into a monitor. The devices were also announced with images in a post (via XDA Developers) in which Samsung revealed what it would be unveiling at the exhibition.

Listed in the post were the S-foldable, 17-inch foldable, Slidable OLED display, and the Under Panel Camera. The S-foldable is a 7.2-inch multi-foldable device that can be folded both inwards and outwards twice. It can be used like a tablet or like a smartphone, depending on how much it is folded or opened. Meanwhile, the 17-inch foldable serves to function as both a portable monitor and a tablet when unfolded and when folded in a 4:3 ratio respectively.

For the Slidable OLED display, it offers a smartphone-sized display that, as shown in a recording of Samsung's Display Week video by YouTuber Charbax, can be extended horizontally rightward with a slide gesture. Finally, the self-explanatory Under Panel Camera doesn’t offer any fancy folding or sliding abilities, but serves to minimize bezel space on a laptop.

You can check out the images for these concept devices below:


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