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Wuthering Waves Provides 10 Free Pulls as Compensation for Launch Issues!

Wuthering Waves officially launched yesterday, eliciting a massive response throughout social media, and it felt like everyone in the world was playing it.

Unfortunately, the excitement of the game felt like it was crumbling down as there were many people who complained that they were experiencing issues while playing Wuthering Waves.

Some complained that the game lagged too much, some complained about the visuals and audio being buggy at times, and there were also a couple who complained that the game outright crashes when playing.

As a result of this, Kuro Game, the developer of the game, decided to provide compensation for the mishaps and issues that were caused on launch day. The compensation that they gave out to players, is sure to bring a smile to their faces as they gave a free 10 pull!

As of currently, the Kuro Game developers are working to resolve the issue to prevent it from happening again, and fans around the world certainly share the same sentiment.


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