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WHO Health Alert Has Arrived on Global WhatsApp to Combat Coronavirus Misinformation

The World Health Organisation has heard our prayers!

First TikTok, now WhatsApp - the WHO is making moves to combat the spread of misinformation by providing trusted stats, updates, and information right where people usually source their information ( well as questionable 'tips and tricks' like drinking warm water to flush away the virus).

The free service started in South Africa, using artificial intelligence to offer information on demand; topics range from symptoms of the disease and where to get tested, to debunking all the #fakenews surrounding it.

Now, the service has gone global, albeit only in English - Arabic and Spanish will launch this week, with more than 20 languages to follow.

To subscribe, simply click on this link and text 'hi' to the number. The service responds to prompts, and will be updated daily with the latest information.

Don't forget to share it to all your family group chats *wink* and perhaps it'll help slow down the circulation of rumours and myths regarding COVID-19.


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