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WHO is So Fed Up with Fake Coronavirus News They Joined TikTok

Coronavirus isn't the only thing that's spreading - misinformation about the disease is arguably just as virulent.

The World Health Organisation is so fed up with people peddling rumours and pseudoscience that they've decided to jump onto one of the hottest social media platforms - TikTok - to combat the spread of falsehoods and unnecessary panic.

Although they aren't making trendy dance or lipsync videos in true Tiktok-style, their first 2 videos have already garnered a combined total of nearly 39 million views. Most notably, one of them points out when and how masks should be worn - only when you're displaying symptoms or working in the healthcare industry.

Take that, mask-hoarding panic buyers.

By joining TikTok, WHO can fight rumours right at the source - now, when users look up #coronavirus via hashtags, they will have to access a reliable source of information and not just speculation from misinformed randoms.

Now, how do we get WHO to jump into our family WhatsApp groups?


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