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WhatsApp Allowing You To Discretely Leave Group Chats

Ever wanted to leave a WhatsApp group chat, but you don’t want everyone to know about it? Worry no more, as WhatsApp is working on a solution.

Later this month, WhatsApp will roll out an update allowing users to leave group chats without notifying everyone. Only admins will be informed.

This is part of a handful of measures by the company to enhance privacy. Another feature that they are working on allows users to appear offline for other people.

Ami Vora, head of product at WhatsApp, said in a statement that they are “focused on building product features that empower people to have more control and privacy over their message.”

“Over the years, we’ve added interlocking layers of protection to help keep their conversations secure, and the new features is one way we continue to deliver on our commitment to keep messages private.”


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