Western Fantasy RPG "NirvanaMeta" Set to Launch Globally on 14 December

NirvanaMeta announced its global launching conference is set to take place in Malaysia on 14 December, during which the NirvanaMeta team will reveal the official closed beta of the game.

NirvanaMeta is an RPG based on western fantasy epics, featuring beautiful art direction, rich content, large-scale 3D siege warfare, and a unique PK gameplay. The game's design puts players in fantasied plots in which they will meet diverse characters and receive rich rewards as they progress.

In the game, there are siege wars, and players who successfully conquer the city will become the lord of the city. Of course, the city lord will receive multiple benefits like honorary title blessing, unique flying mount, and rich income rewards. The game also has an advanced war map, boss challenges, and other game modes.

Players will be able to choose from a range of 34 awakening classes, including the humans who dominate the land of Aden, the elves with high agility and intelligence, orcs, as well as the dwarves who are good at forging rare items.

In NirvanaMeta, players can gain experience, equipment, tokens, and rewards by strengthening their characters, completing quests, and fighting the dungeons. Its Play-to-Earn mechanism offers a high degree of freedom for players in terms of gameplay and the game also incorporates 3D technology to bring an immersive gaming experience.

Blockchain games have seen a rapid rise in 2021 and the Play-to-Earn gameplay mode has opened new opportunities for the gaming industry. Compared to the traditional game design, the new metaverse gaming combined with blockchain technology has offered more application scenarios from the technical level, which is important for a game's future development.

Based on the team's experience in the field of blockchain games, deep understanding of the industry, and mature user growth, there's a reason to believe that the NirvanaMeta team will be able to create an immersive virtual game space for its players. The team believes that NirvanaMeta will achieve faster functional iterations and upgrades compared to centralised games. Combines with the Play-to-Earn concept, the value of metaverse games is expected to grow steadily.

NirvanaMeta will be hosting the press conference at New World Hotel, Grand Ballroom Level 2 on 14 December. During the conference, the team will reveal more about the future development of the game.


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