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Watch The LG Wing Swivel In Leaked Video

A leaked video (thanks, Fold Universe) of the upcoming LG Wing has emerged, showing how the device will swivel.

How the swivelling plays out isn’t surprising, but the phone is an odd sight to take in nevertheless. Foldable phones are one thing, but the LG Wing basically forms a T-shape when it’s opened/swivelled, which is a bit of an odd look for a smartphone.

It does seem useful, however, as another leaked video shows how the extra screen can be used for multi-tasking. Here, driver dials a number on one screen while the other screen continues to display a navigation system. The phone is also positioned in a way that makes it look like a rotated Tetris T block, so it still looks a bit weird.

The LG Wing was announced as LG’s first Explorer Project category device on 6 September. The category is “aimed at discovering new ways to interact with mobile devices”, which would explain the Wing’s unique design. The device’s full reveal will be made on 14 September at 10am EDT, or 10pm Malaysian time, so we’ll probably find out about the Wing’s specs then.


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