[Video] TUF Gaming Peripherals Unboxing

CMCO is TUF... so it's time for TUF Gaming peripherals from ASUS!

So you can dagei- I mean "WORK" from home 🙃🙃

Hiyoteru and Summerr will demonstrate why it's not a TUF choice at all. And you thought the TUF jokes stopped didn't you? NOPE.

Product Links:

⌨️ Keyboard: TUF Gaming K3

🖱 Mouse: TUF Gaming M3

🎧 Headset: TUF Gaming H3

CMCO so boring upgrade to WiFi 6 lah walao. Internet so slow not TUF meh?

🌐 Router: TUF Gaming AX3000

#asus #tufgaming #peripherals

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