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Only educational content is available for free ad-free viewing on YouTube.

YouTube Player for Education was introduced by YouTube that offers ad-free content.

It sounds nice that YouTube allows you to watch ad-free films without having to pay for a Premium account, but it only applies to educational content when viewed through an embeddable video player. In order to "avoid distractions," YouTube claims to be developing an embeddable video player for educational apps that filters out advertisements, outside links, and product recommendations.

The embeddable video player, which will initially only be accessible to a small number of partners, will be able to show material on education apps without interruptions like advertisements, external links, or recommendations. Companies in the education technology sector including EDpuzzle, Google Classroom, and Purdue University are among the chosen partners.

Starting in 2023, educational creators can offer free or paid courses for viewers. In addition, viewers who choose to buy a premium course can watch the videos without ads and have them play in the background. Before being made available in other nations, courses will first launch in beta in the United States and South Korea.

At last, YouTube presented a brand-new quiz feature that video creators can add to the community tab of their channel and link to the educational content they create. The full version of this quiz feature will be made available to creators in the following few months after its beta release.


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