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Valve Sues GESC for Failing to Pay Out RM3.1 Million in Wages and Prize Money

The Dota overlords have spoken, and the Singapore-based tournament organiser has been slapped by the hand of the law.

Valve's VP of markerting, Doug Lombardi, stated that they have filed a lawsuit against GESC for failing to pay out approximately $750,000 (~RM3,100,000) to its winners and hired talent from two Dota 2 minor events - GESC Indonesia and Thailand - which took place in March and May last year.

Indonesia's first Valve-sponsored tournament saw big names such as EG vie for precious DPC points

In his interview with Dot Esports, Lombardi said, “Our agreements with tournament operators require timely payment to participants. We feel this is vital to the success of these events long term."

“When operators fail to meet those requirements, we follow up.”

Now, if only we had someone to hold delinquent Malaysian organisers equally accountable for their actions...*cough* AGES *cough. With the new guidelines set out by our National Esports Blueprint, hopefully we will start to see incidents of non-payment met with the appropriate consequences.

Source: Dot Esports


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