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The Lazy Person's Guide to the National Esports Development Blueprint

144 pages? I mean, really? Ain't nobody gonna sit through the Great Wall of Text! ...except us, unfortunately.

We at Salty News Network take great pride in delivering information in the most digestible manner possible, thus we have swallowed the entire National Esports Development Blueprint and shat out this summary of key takeaways for you.

There's a lot to take in, so we'll keep the smart-ass remarks to a minimum - short and sweet is the way to go today.

Nothing like our hensem and capable YB to kick off our post


The blueprint is broken down into 5 sections, each addressing different aspects of the esports ecosystem to devise a holistic development strategy.

After removing all the extraneous words, these are the core aspects addressed in the blueprint:

1. Players
2. Ethics
3. Infrastructure
4. Ecosystem
5. Law

With that in mind, let's roll!


Section 1: Players

  • Standard contract guidelines to ensure fair deals between players and organisations

  • Clear career path options will be established to ensure long-term viability of esports, especially for veterans

  • A ranking system and central esports registry will be established to keep track and sort athletes into their appropriate tiers (yay, no more Facebook rants about amateur tournament banlists and smurfs)

  • A national level esports league will be established to select the cream of the crop to represent the country

Harimau Malaya goes digital
  • The National Young Athletes Development Program will educate youths and guide them in a conducive (and non-toxic) environment to nurture growth

  • Health assessments and research to be conducted on esports athletes (we hope this includes subsidised chiropractic treatments for our rekted spines)


Section 2: Ethics

  • Anti-doping measures to be proposed and implemented internationally

  • Esports ethics guidelines to be implemented (no more pleading ignorance for 322 cases)

  • Public awareness and education campaign to combat the negative image of esports (yeah mom, Fortnite is a million-dollar career ok?)

  • More women-only tournaments and leagues to attract more female participatoin in esports (hmm is segregation is a step forward or backward in terms of equality?)

Our national pride Ramona can certainly hold her own in mixed-gender teams
  • Legitimising esports as an extracurricular activity in schools to help students balance their studies and gaming habits (sounds way better than Chess Club)

  • An integrated plan to tackle game addiction that covers all bases including education, prevention, and treatment


Section 3: Infrastructure

  • Official centre for esports events to accommodate large-scale national events and esports leagues (does this mean no more plastic chairs?)

Still a dream...soon to be reality?
  • Designated state esports centres for smaller, localised events in major states

  • National Esports Academy with a regulated, well-rounded syllabus to groom future esports athletes (can we teach them personal grooming and basic contract reading skills too, please?)


Section 4: Ecosystem

  • Public event organiser directory to help circumvent disasters like AGES (still no word about that prize money, eh?)

  • Public esports calendar to help organisers prevent clashing dates as well as help inform the public of upcoming events (Flava can retire now - we thank him for his service :'D)

  • Esports volunteer network to track and train volunteers, ensuring that they are competent enough to perform their duties (please also pay them, thank you)

  • Incorporating esports into national tourism campaigns to assert Malaysia as viable esports destination, e.g. major tournaments, conferences etc.

SEA players are always salty. And yes, I totally made this at 6am.
  • Tax breaks and incentives to attract foreign investments by making Malaysia a cheaper and viable option for foreign teams to bootcamp here, and for developers to set up local offices and servers (yay less lag and more financial inflow)

  • Plan to nurture local brands and services e.g. Todak Gaming, Sades, Pantheon and the Orange Cybercafe chains (sokong Buatan Malaysia okeh?)

  • Regional esports conferences and summits petitioned to be held in Malaysia e.g. Esports Asia Summit, Esports BAR etc.


Section 5: Law

  • State and national athlete licenses to keep track of athletes' qualifications and rankings

  • State and national selection programs for teams and athletes to represent Malaysia at international events e.g. SEA Games 2019

  • National Esports High Performance Program will support high-performing athletes with sponsorships and opportunities to go even further

  • Awarding high achievers in esports to boost player motivation and elevate the public image of esports

I hope the award is bigger than this trophy
  • Referee Certification Program to ensure that referees are qualified, thus enabing fair play and judgement (I wonder what are our referees doing now...blow whistle only ah?)

  • Licensed esports training centres will have selected competitive titles available free of charge to visitors (FREE?!)

  • Official Esports Development Act will allow esports to grow and thrive under the goverment's endorsement


So yeap, that's about it. We've tried to make it as short as possible, so even the most malas readers don't miss out!

If you want more details and have a fuckton of time to kill, you can download the complete blueprint here.

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