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Switch Releases New Multiplayer Game - Battle Calculator

Remember when you're counting down to break sessions between classes especially during your Maths class? The formulae and equations make every minute more suffering than ever. Well, Switch suggests otherwise.

The company has released a new game called the Battle Calculator that lets players battle their calculation skills with their friends. Players must use a combination of numbers from 0 to 9 along with the add, minus, multiply, and divide operations to produce the number that's randomly generated on the screen. The first person to get the specific number will win the round.

Players can set the number of wins needed for a player to claim victory from 1 to 10. The random number that players need to reach can also be set from a simple 2-digit number to a 9-digit monster.

Aside from the possibly head-aching battles, the game can also function as a normal calculator.


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