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Sonic Frontiers Sights, Sounds, and Speed update: Features Photo Mode, Jukebox & New Challenges

As reportedly by VGC, Sega has sent an email to players about the upcoming DLC titled "Sights, Sounds, and Speed" which will be available on March 23.

"The first of three free content updates for Sonic Frontiers is coming 23rd March,” the email reads, adding: “With newly added features and modes, it’s time to experience the Sights, Sounds, and Speed of the Starfall Islands."

According to the 2023 Content Roadmap from Sega, it's stated that Update 1 will include the Jukebox mode, Photo mode, and New Challenge modes.

Besides, Sonic news site "Tails Channel" have also shared more in-depth information about Update 1, justifying that the Jukebox mode will include 13 tracks, with 40 additional tracks that can be collected across Starfall Islands.

Lastly, the New Challenges mode features a time-attack mode called "Cyber Space Challenge", a "Battle Rush Mode" where players need to defeat multiple rounds of enemies in one go.

Source: Clutch Points, VGC

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