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SanDisk Unveils Whopping 8TB Portable SSD and 1TB USB-C Thumb Drive

Need MOAR storage? The boy, does SanDisk have great news for ya.

Portable SSDs are generally 2TB in capacity - 4TB if you managed to stumble upon a rare unicorn. Well, SanDisk has turned up their noses at that and pushed even further with a massive 8TB SSD. The prototype was revealed at CES 2020, boasting a pocket-sized form factor and a transfer rate of 20Gbps.

Woah there, ugly

Since its just a prototype, there's no telling when it will be officially released. People may not even be ready for such a sizeable and pricey option yet.

One thing that WILL be available this year is the 1TB SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Luxe thumb drive. Its dual connector design works with both USB-A and USB-C devices - just swivel the connector around to reveal which end you need.

Ah, much more elegant

This Dual Drive Luxe is said to be available later this winter (which is Dec-Feb for us 1-season scrubs.)


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