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Samsung Reveals New Limited Edition Pokémon-themed Galaxy Bud 2

Samsung had previously collaborated with Pokémon Company to release a limited edition Pokémon-themed Galaxy Z Flip 3 in South Korea that sold out within minutes. But that collaboration doesn’t end there as Samsung Korea has announced that they will be releasing a Pokémon-themed Samsung Galaxy Bud 2 as well.

The limited edition Samsung Galaxy Bud 2 comes with a Poké ball styled case.

Priced around 134,000 won (or around RM460), this product is a Poké ball styled caseand on the inside is the charging case for the Galaxy Bud 2. It comes in 5 colors and has additional Pokémon stickers that you can stick onto the charging case.

The earbuds include stickers that you can use to customize your charging case.

It’ll probably stay in South Korea similar to the limited edition Galaxy Z Flip 3 phone, but you can’t blame us for hoping that it’ll come over to our shores too.


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