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Riot Games and Crown Channel Team Up to Host Valorant-Themed Digital Music Fest

Miss hanging out at festivals or just to big events in general? Crown Channel and Riot Games are here to sate your thirst with wwFest: VALORANT, an experimental music and art festival set to air live January 15, 2021 on Crown Channel.

Viewers will experience a sprawling exhibition inspired by the in-game world of VALORANT, Riot’s popular tactical shooter title. Prepare to enjoy musical performances from international performers and artists, including: ARMNHMR, Moore Kismet, Ookay, Whipped Cream, and more to be announced.

Using the latest drone technology, wwFest: VALORANT will be a first-of-its-kind virtual concert experience set to rival a physical event. Viewers can choose to experience the event from the unique, tailored perspective of their favourite VALORANT Agents, including Raze, Reyna, Phoenix, Killjoy, and Jett. Meanwhile, the key moments of the festival will be broadcasted on the main feed on Twitch.

For more details, including the full talent line-up, be sure to follow Crown Channel and @PlayVALORANT on Twitter.


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