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Razer Kishi Arriving in Malaysia Soon, Prices Start from RM389

Much earlier this year, Razer announced the impending arrival of the Razer Kishi Universal Mobile Controllers, which uses a collapsible snap-on design to reduce the cumbersome process of attaching controllers separately.

Whether you're an Android or iOS devotee, worry not as Razer has produced two different versions of the Kishi with either a USB-C or Lightning port to cater for each camp. If you're stuck in the olden days with a Micro-USB port, then I guess you're shit outta luck.

The controller has an Xbox-style button layout along with a D-pad and 2 joysticks. As mentioned earlier, the collapsible snap-on doesn't only facilitate easy attachment, but also makes for easy stowing and portability.

While there is a pass-through port for charging, there isn't one for audio, so you'll have to use a wireless solution or just stick with the speakers.

The Android version will be available starting 27 June at RM389, while the iOS model will ship for RM469 as soon as it's released (date still unknown). For more details, you can check it out on Razer's official website.


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