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Razer Made a New Mobile Gamepad, and This One Comes with Universal Compatibility

Just recently, Razer released the Junglecat mobile gamepad, which attached to either side of your phone much like the Nintendo Switch's Joy-cons. It worked via Bluetooth with only 4 specific phones, had to be charged separately, AND you needed to put your phones in a special case just to use them.

Sounds like a pain in the arse, eh?

Well, Razer sat up and took note of their consumers' common complaints, and came up with the Razer Kishi, which addresses all the issues listed above.

Well, that's ONE way to symbolise universal compatibility

Instead of having to attach them separately, the Kishi stretches to clamp down on your phone, and plugs in directly via the charging port, eliminating all semblance of lag and thus removing yet another excuse to blame your noobness on.

When we talk about 'universal compatibility', it means that in theory, any newer phone with the USB-C or Lightning port placed in the middle should be compatible with the way the Kishi is set up. It even has a pass-through port to let you charge both your phone AND the Kishi simultaneously while gaming.

When not in use, the case retracts and snaps together in the middle, dramatically reducing its size for easier stowing in your bag.

If only it worked in docked mode

The Razer Kishi mobile controllers will be available early 2020. A price has not been named yet, but it is said that it would be similar to the US$100 (~RM410) Junglecat, with a slight premium for the Android model.


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