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Razer Concept Car Hycan V09 Razer Edition Unveiled at Auto Shanghai 2023

The long-awaited Hycan V09 Razer Edition electric vehicle has been unveiled at the 20th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition (Auto Shanghai 2023) on April 18.

Last year, Hycan officially announced its collaboration with Razer and e-sports team EDG to develop a "mobile e-sports fortress" from software to hardware. Hycan aims to grab the youthful gaming community to present a special cross-industry trend to offer access to an enigmatic "third space."

The interior and exterior of the Hycan V09 are designed with its new "Shining Star" vector aesthetic concept, featuring a 1301mm of vertical space, 2834mm front and rear space, 750km driving range, long battery life, and a newly upgraded H-VIP 3.0 smart driving system.

Besides, it also comes with 6000W bidirectional charging and 2200W in-car charging which is compatible for external devices. The V09 Razer Edition is truly designed with gamers & e-sport enthusiasts to offer a high-quality audio-visual entertainment in the "third space."

Hycan promises to create a new home base in this collaboration with EDG and Razer with the gaming community and the younger generation. At the same time, Hycan will further grow its brand influence and form a closer connection with youngsters and gamers.

At last, Hycan also plans to develop more categories of customized models with EDG and Razer to launch new products to meet the evolving needs of next-gen consumers, making Hycan a pioneers in uncharted territory.


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