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Pre-Orders of the Samsung Odyssey G7 Gaming Monitor Come with a Free Soundbar, Starts 29 June

Earlier this month, Samsung announced the global launch of its Samsung Odyssey G7 QLED Curved Monitor designed for gamers. Now, Samsung has finally revealed the pre-order date and goodies for the upcoming gaming monitor.

From 29 June onwards, consumers will be able to pre-order the Odyssey G7 on Samsung's official online store. Pre-orders goodies include a 2020 Samsung Soundbar T450 for the 32" model, and a 2020 Samsung Soundbar T420 for the 27" model.

As for the price, you'll have to fork out RM2,399 for the 27" model, while the 32" model will set you back a cool RM2,899.

The pre-order will close on 5 July, so head over here to get your free gifts while stocks last.


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