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POCO F2 Lite Photos and Specs Leaked, Allegedly Powered by Snapdragon 765 and 5,000mAh Battery

Just days after POCO announced its departure from parent company Xiaomi, alleged images of the newly-independent company's first phone have leaked.

Real or doctored?

As its name suggests, the POCO F2 Lite is probably the Lite version of a full-fledged POCO F2, hopefully carrying on the legacy of the Pocophone F1 with flagship specs at reasonable prices.

YouTube user RevAtlas uploaded some photos that he received through an anonymous tipper, so do take them with a pinch of salt as they may very well be doctored.

The images taken are extremely blurry, but you can make a notched camera coupled with rounded bezels which are thicker at the bottom.

The alleged specs are as follows:

  • Snapdragon 765G processor

  • 6GB RAM

  • 5,000mAh battery

  • 'High resolution' camera - implying 48MP and above

It is also said that the POCO F2 Lite will be priced 'much cheaper' than the Pocophone F1, so it's probably safe to say that it will be below RM1,000, which is certainly something to look forward to if you're hunting for a new phone on a budget.

You can watch the entire reveal and breakdown here:


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