Pat Gelsinger is Now Intel’s CEO

Pat Gelsinger has become Intel’s CEO, taking over from Bob Swan. Gelsinger was appointed as Intel’s new CEO in January, with Swan’s tenure ending on February 15.

“As the incoming CEO, I am just really thrilled that we have the opportunity to take this great icon of a company, this company that has been crucial to every aspect of technology, and have it be that leader again into the future,” Gelsinger said in a press release. “Because I believe that Intel has a treasure trove of technologists, of technology, and ultimately its core DNA is being that technology leader for the future. I’m just thrilled as a technologist, as a geek at heart, to be able to be in that leadership role to help bring the passions, the history, the opportunity of this great company forward as never before. Our best days are in front of us.”

Gelsinger has had a long history with Intel, as Intel’s PDF timeline of his career notes. Gelsinger first joined the company in 1979 at the age of 18 as a quality control technician. He was involved in the 386 microprocessor’s development as a design engineer and was the lead for the 486 processor. Gelsinger also assumed several positions including Intel’s first chief technology officer and general manager of the Digital Enterprise Group throughout his years at Intel.

In 2009, Gelsinger left Intel to join EMC. In 2012, he became CEO of VMWare. Gelsinger’s new position as Intel CEO marks his return to the company after over a decade. “To come back ‘home’ to Intel in the role of CEO during what is such a critical time for innovation, as we see the digitization of everything accelerating, will be the greatest honor of my career,” Gelsinger said.

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