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Overwatch's Newest Hero 'Echo' Swoops Into Official Servers on 14 April

First teased in McCree's animated short 'Reunion', the evolutionary robot Echo will graduate from the PTR and join the game's official roster on 14 April.

In an endearing (or abominable) twist, Echo uses some very familiar catchphrases due to her backstory. It turns out she was built by Dr. Mina Liao, one of the six founders of Overwatch - who happens to be Singaporean.

Yeap, Echo uses phrases like 'alamak', 'double confirmed', and 'jialat!' Unnervingly, she lacks any inflection that would indicate the origin of these terms, and sounds exactly like the robot she is. One Esports released a video comparing how these voice lines sound in game, versus how they should if a real Singaporean spoke them:

Skill-wise, Echo comes with an interesting kit, including flight, sticky bombs, and an ultimate that turns her into a duplicate of an enemy hero, complete with the ability to use her copy's ultimate.

Either way, you can start spamming 'jialat' and 'sooo syok' in official servers starting next Tuesday.

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