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OPPO Is Also Working on A Magnetic Wireless Charger; Filed for MagVOOC Trademark

Following Realme's announcement of the MagDart magnetic wireless charger, OPPO is spotted to have filed for a trademark of the same technology, called MagVOOC.

Last year, Apple launched its magnetic wireless charger, the MagSafe, which is attached to the back of the iPhone using its built-in magnets to charge the smartphone at 15 W. Realme took the inspiration and made the recent MagDart devices for Android smartphones; a 50 W wired charger and a 15 W wireless charger.

While the listing didn't reveal many details about the MagVOOC, we can be quite sure that the new device would be similar to the MagSafe or MagDart's approach. And OPPO could possibly release the MagVOOC with 50 W and 15 W magnetic charging speeds too.

Since the trademark was filed on 11 August, so we probably won't get to see it any time soon. Stay tuned for more updates.


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