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Realme Reveals The Realme Flash with MagDart Magnetic Wireless Charging and Other MagDart Devices

Realme has unveiled its first smartphone equipped with magnetic wireless charging support - the Realme Flash.

50 W and 15 W MagDart Charger

The magnetic wireless charging system MagDart Charger is made for its Android phones. Realme boasts that the 50 W MagDart Charger is be the world's fastest magnetic wireless charger. The magnetic charger has a cuboid design housing a cooling fan to cool the components but unfortunately, produces a little noise. When it is plugged into Realme's 65 W SuperDart wired charger, the MagDart Charger can fully charge a 4,500 mAh phone battery in 54 minutes, according to the company.

For a quieter charging system, Realme has also introduced the 15 W MagDart which can fully charge a 4,500 mAh phone battery in 90 minutes, claimed Realme.

MagDart Power Bank

The MagDart Power Bank allows users to charge their smartphones by simply placing it on the back of the smartphone. It also comes with a charging dock which doubles as a phone stand.

MagDart Case

The MagDart Case is a carbon fiber-style case exclusively for the Realme GT with a passthrough USB Type-C port and a headphone jack, as well as built-in MagDart connectivity.

MagDart Wallet

The MagDart Wallet comes with a pocket that can hold up to three cards and an aluminium foldable stand.

MagDart Beauty Light

The MagDart Beauty Light is a flip-up ring for selfies powered by reverse wireless charging system. It features 60 mini LEDs and a control button for users to adjust settings.


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