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OnePlus Launches Gaming Triggers for Android and iOS in India

OnePlus has launched a pair of new gaming triggers in India, with the triggers currently being sold for ₹1,099 (~RM60), which is almost identical to that of Black Shark’s Monster Gaming Triggers.

First revealed in March (as reported by SlashGear), the OnePlus gaming triggers are compatible with both Android and iOS phones and make use of Omron switches. OnePlus CEO tweeted that the triggers were designed “to be solid, responsive, pleasingly ‘clicky’.”

The product page promises “tactile buttons” that make use of capacitive conduction and describes the triggers’ usage as being “independent to the side of the device they are placed on”. Additionally, it says that the company “specifically targeted players of Battle Royale-style multiplayer mobile games including PUBG, Call of Duty, Free Fire, and more” while the PC + Zinc alloy-made triggers were being designed.

The triggers are said to be compatible with a maximum device thickness of 11.5mm, taking into account the presence of screen protectors and cases. So far, OnePlus hasn’t announced any plans for an international release for the OnePlus gaming triggers, so whether these triggers will make it over here remains to be seen.


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