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Black Shark Launches Monster Gaming Triggers and Gaming Cooler in Malaysia

Black Shark has launched its new Black Shark Monster Gaming Triggers and Black Shark Gaming Cooler in Malaysia.

The Monster Gaming Triggers sport a copper-silver alloy wire and electric silicone combination, along with buttons made with zinc alloy. The triggers feature physical mapping, built-in sensitive micro-switches, hidden magnets, along with a notch design and side buttons to avoid accidental touching. Black Shark says that the triggers have an easy installation process and promises a zero latency connection between the buttons and users’ phone screens.

As for the Gaming Cooler, the small and light gadget offers a form factor that prevents it from getting in the way of users’ hands while gaming and uses a hook with silicone protection. It has a loudness of 36db at “high speed’.

The Black Shark Monster Gaming Triggers cost RM59 while the Black Shark Gaming Cooler costs RM99. You can find them here and here.


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