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'Microsoft Flight Simulator' Boxed Set Announced - Comes with 10 DVDs

Remember those days when you'd be prompted to 'switch to Disc 2' while installing your newest pirated PC game? Just me? Well, it's time to relive the nostalgia with Microsoft Flight Simulator's physical copy, which comes in a whopping TEN DVD discs comprising 90GB of game files. (Please note that we previously - and erroneously - reported that the name of the game was 'Flight Simulator 2020'.)

Publisher Aerosoft has announced via their forum that they will be shipping out boxed sets of the game starting from around 21 August this year; the box will include the aforementioned discs as well as a printed manual.

Community manager Mathijs Kok has also revealed the contents of the boxed version:

  1. The simulator code itself

  2. The world and aircraft delivered by Microsoft, which is around 90 GB

  3. Online streamed content (optional)

  4. 3rd party files (optional)

The DVDs will contain all of part 2, aside from the updates implemented between the pressing of the DVDs and the official release. 'The boxed retail version just gets you a nice box, printed manual and about 90GB you do not have to download,' Kok clarified. 'There is no difference between boxed retail and the version MS sells directly.'

Microsoft Flight Simulator will be released on 18 August, priced at US$59.99, US$89.99, and US$119.99 for the Standard, Deluxe, and Premium Deluxe editions respectively. You can find the PC requirements for running the game below:


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