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LG Unveils The Swivel-Capable LG Wing

LG has unveiled the LG Wing, which is its first Explorer Project device.

As seen in leaked videos, the LG Wing features a hidden second screen that shows up in Swivel Mode. In this mode, the front of the phone rotates 90 degrees clockwise into landscape mode, making the second, 3.9-inch screen accessible. LG says that the device will still be fine even after 200,000 swivels.

The second screen allows for an app to be displayed on both screens or for two different apps to be displayed simultaneously. For instance, watching YouTube or Tubi videos on the NAVER Whale browser will display the comments or search bar on the second screen while the video plays on the main screen. For photos, the second screen can be used for editing while the main screen displays the picture.

Meanwhile, a Grip Lock function allows the second screen to display information like the time and date while ignoring accidental contact while the main screen is in its landscape mode. The second screen can also be used like a gimbal-like grip, with the phone having gimbal functions like a joystick to control the camera angle and a lock to reduce shaking.

The LG Wing’s main screen is a 20.5:9 6.8-inch P-OLED FullVision display. On the back of the phone are a 64MP Ultra High Resolution OIS Wide camera, a 12MP Ultra Wide Big Pixel camera, and a 13MP Wide camera. It also has a 32MP pop-up camera, which can be used with one of the rear cameras at the same time in Swivel Mode via Dual Recording. The phone also comes with the LG Creator’s Kit.

The LG Wing will first launch in South Korea in October, with certain markets in North America and Europe to follow. There’s no word of a Malaysia release yet.

Check out the specs below:


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