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Here's What MeeTime Can Do On Your HUAWEI Devices

Finally took the plunge and picked up the new HUAWEI P40 Pro or MatePad Pro? Then you should definitely check out the MeeTime feature - especially during the movement control order (MCO). Here's just some of the things it can do:

Make video calls in FHD Quality

The native built-in EMUI app supports up to 1080p for video calls between HUAWEI devices even in areas with weak reception, so you can see every pore and pimple of your loved ones perfectly.

Share screens during video calls

Honestly, screen sharing is so convenient, every video call app should have this built right in. Wanna show work updates to your boss? Easy. Wanna demonstrate issues for easy troubleshooting? That works as well. Just ensure to close any *dodgy* windows or content you may have been entertaining yourself with during this lonely MCO period.

Use third-party devices

The ecosystem of third-party devices that support MeeTime is expanding - you can try

Kandao Meeting for 360° video calls or Drift action cameras to livestream your exhilarating outdoor cycling trip to the nearby grocery store.

Automatic network adaptation

Got shit internet even at home? I feel you, my friend. HUAWEI MeeTime uses Link Turbo technology which seamlessly switches between WiFi and LTE signals to draw the fastest speeds available. But if both your mobile and home internet sucks, then cham liao la.

Boost image quality in low light

If MeeTime's 1080p resolution didn't expose your facial flaws well enough, its facial recognition technology and optimisation sure will. MeeTime enhances images in poor lighting environments, so even a dark room won't help you hide that big zit from your colleagues.

Keeps your calls private

HUAWEI MeeTime has end-to-end encryption to keep your video and audio calls private by default. Although privacy is guaranteed, I still suggest you don't perform lewd acts on your calls la, since it doesn't protect you against screenshots hor.

Easy as ABC

Best of all, MeeTime is super easy to use, so even the most technologically-challenged of us won't sesat jalan. It's pre-built into certain HUAWEI devices that run EMUI 10.1. All you need to do is sign in with your HUAWEI ID, select the person youu wish to call, and tap the video call button. EZPZ.

You can check out the features in action here:

If you haven't picked up any of the new HUAWEI devices yet, you can do so here on their online store.


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