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Gucci and FACEIT Join Hands to Launch a Gaming Academy

These days, it's normal to see brands collaborating in the gaming industry but a recently announced one is rather strange. Apparently, Gucci (yes, the fashion brand Gucci) is partnering up with esports company FACEIT to launch the Gucci Gaming Academy.

The Gucci Gaming Academy aims to:

Envisioned to empower young esports talents while creating a healthier playing and competition environment. The development program has been designed to provide support and enhance soft skills - through dedicated coaching sessions and teamworking activities - and help the next generation of esports talent to navigate the increasing amount of mental and physical issues coming from the pressure of in-game performance and online scrutiny.

The academy launched with 4 CS:GO FACEIT Pro League players and is looking for more players based on players’ in-game performance. FACEIT is also scouting players through the FACEIT Pro League (FPL).

The World Health Organization (WHO) will be helping both companies by providing players with psychological coaching to help them stay at the best of their game.

The program includes the following features and benefits:

  • Group sessions facilitated by psychologists who specialize in esports from Mindwork; topics include "Performance under stress," "How to deal with the spotlight," "Teamwork" and more.

  • Individual sessions with specialized psychologists who will provide support for players as they pursue their competitive journeys.

  • Digital training plans designed specifically for each player, supplied via the Gucci Education platform.

  • Participation in community-driven experiences coordinated through the Gucci Changemakers Volunteering program.

  • Access through FACEIT to professional coaches who will provide training for improving in-game performance and offer practical strategies for how to compete professionally while maintaining a healthy mindset.

  • Virtual educational sessions teaching the basics of player contracts and personal branding.

  • Top-of-the-line gaming PCs and monitors for optimal performance and personalized selection of electronic computer peripherals from Logitech G for high-level gameplay and to facilitate learning.

  • Access to the vast Gucci and FACEIT esports network for the players’ entire careers.


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