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Free Fire's Squad BEATz Will Drop New Music Video and Game Mode

As Free Fire's Squad BEATz campaign is now running, a new music video and game mode will arrive in a few days' time.

On 12 February, the Free Fire Squad BEATz will release a music video of their debut track, BEATz Penuh Kuasa, featuring a mix of 4 genres - Reggae, Funk, Pop, and K-Pop. While waiting for the music video, fans can listen to it first as it's already available on Spotify.

The Boom Boom BEATz web event is also available until 20 February for local players to test their rhythmical sense. The event includes 4 beatmaps featuring Free Fire's original songs and players will stand a chance to win the Switching Steps emote. Those who complete all 4 stages will be able to create their own tracks.

Starting tomorrow, fans can share their creations with the rest of the community through official Free Fire community channels and stand a chance to win a Brassy Core Gloo Wall skin.

Garena is introducing a new game mode in Free Fire called Pet Ludo, anchored by the game's favorite pets - Mr.Waggor, Moony, Sensei Tig, and Ottero - featuring a twist on the traditional Ludo gameplay.

While the campaign is still ongoing, fans should not miss the chance to grab collections and rewards, including the Jewel Mystified bundle from now until 20 February. Players who log in to the game on 12 February will receive a limited-edition backpack.

Other Squad BEATz-themed collectibles include the Brassy Backpack, Maroon Laser (Pan), Purple Rev, Aurora Core Gloo Wall, Brassy Core Gloo Wall, GROZA, and Maroon Laser (Katana).


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