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Free Fire Kicks Off Squad BEATz Campaign Today

Free Fire's new campaign Squat BEATz officially kicks off today, featuring Alvaro, Notora, Shirou, and Kapella, who stand out among others in terms of style and music. The campaign seeks to empower players to celebrate their individuality and personalities by expressing themselves through in-game costumes, musical genres, and battling styles.

During the campaign, players are able to express their fashion and style in-game while looking forward to a revamped interface, exclusive collectibles, and in-game missions. There will also be a music video set to release on 12 February, showcasing a unique blend of 4 genres: reggae, funk, pop, and Kpop.

Alvaro, Notora, Shirou, and Kapella

Starting from 7 February, local Survivors can join the Boom Boom Beatz web event, including four beatmaps, to win prizes with the Switching Steps emote as the grand prize. Players who successfully complete all four stages will be able to unlock a freestyle mode, where they can create their own tracks.


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