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EGS’s New Free Game is an Open World Simulation

Epic Game Store’s free game of the week is Pine, a 2019 open world action adventure simulation involving tribes – with most of them being non-human tribes – in a world called Albamare.

The game follows Hue, a young adult who has to find a new home for his human tribe. Aside from exploring the game’s six biomes and battling enemies, he’ll also have to craft as well as barter and talk with the other tribes, which is where the simulation aspect comes in.

“In Pine, things will happen across the open game world even without your involvement,” says the game’s store page. “All organisms are alive and will try what they can to survive. You can choose to befriend a species, fight alongside them, or you may also to attack them, steal their food or force them to abandon their current habitat. All of this will make the species move across the ecological spectrum.”

The few reviews on Pine’s PC and Switch Metacritic pages suggest that the game worked better on paper than in practice, but if you’re interested in checking out this interesting-sounding game for free, you can find it here.


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