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Dragon Nest 2: Evolution is now available on iOS and Android!

Level Infinite's Dragon Nest 2: Evolution has achieved 5 million pre-registrations on the mobile platform! Meanwhile, the game has also gone live on 20 July 2023, 6 PM (GMT+8), players can access the game via App Store, Google Play Store, Huawei AppGallery, Samsung Galaxy Store, and Korea's consumers' first App Store - One Store.

Besides that, a Japanese musical group "Tsukuyomi" also released the theme song for Dragon Nest 2: Evolution, titled "If I Knew It Was A Dream," to commemorate the launch of the game by blending both English and Japanese languages to provide a unique listening experience to Dragon Nest fans around the world.

The beginning of The Grand Dragon Hunt allows players to perform daily quest and achievement hunts alone or team up and compete against all other players in a full server competition for the honor and glory of their represented countries. Higher-ranking players and teams can also look forward to glorious rewards and benefits as a reward for each dragon falls.

Moreover, the game also features a variety of launching rewards in Dragon Nest 2: Evolution start their adventures, including:

  • Login and daily sign-in rewards (up to eight days)

  • Level-specific gift packages to reward character progression.

  • Valuable resources and treasure chest rewards for completing specific stages.

Download Dragon Nest 2: Evolution now and embark on your own exciting adventure!


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